Why choosing an international health insurance?

Every government has its own health system. Expenses related to it change significantly from one country to another and can be very expensive. As an expat, you’re not under the health care of your home country anymore. That’s why it is strongly recommended that you subscribe to an international health insurance cover for you, your family or your international employees, so you can avoid unexpected fees, and leave without worrying.

In addition to your health expenses covered in a foreign country, other guarantees remain essential as maternity, dental/optical care or social security to provide assistance in case of death or disability.

Who is the Opal international insurance aimed at?

Opal international health insurance is designed for individuals and/or expat families living and/or working in a foreign country for a long period of time. The insured person and his dependents (common law-partner and/or children mentioned in the policy) have access to the same rights.

What’s the difference between an international insurance and a travel insurance?

You should think of travel insurance when you think of holidays. This insurance covers unexpected events both before departure and while abroad. It covers cancellation fees, compensation in case of loss or theft of your personal belongings/luggage and urgent medical fees, whereas international health insurance covers health checks, outpatient care and the monitoring of chronic disease treatment abroad.

What is Opal?

Opal is a collective contract negotiated with GENERALI and AIG, two of the global insurance leaders. Opal is distributed to individuals and/or families allowing them to enjoy benefits in terms of price/services that are only negotiable with collective contracts. They receive access to insurance services including pre-existing disease, dental care without additional premiums and coverage for extreme sports for instance. Another significative advantage is that the policyholder can’t be excluded by the company (in case of a disease entailing high fees, for example).

How does reimbursement for medical fees work?

Once your subscription request has been approved, you become a new Opal insured person. You will receive an email and/or a letter with the following documents:

  • Your insurance certificate
  • Your card and your insured person number
  • Your access code to the management platform and its user manual.

Thanks to an online management platform dedicated to every user, reimbursement for medical fees is extremely quick and takes just a few days. A calculation of the refund is also sent to you.

You also have the possibility to download our app and handle your refund request directly on your smartphone.

What is a health care network ? How can you get doctors, clinics or hospital names anywhere in the world?

You can contact our management center, or use our online platform that provides assistance to our insured persons throughout the world, giving access to the medical network (doctors and hospitals) partners (third-party payment system) and to available services, depending on the country or the specific area you’re looking for. You can still choose a hospital outside the network by making an early payment yourself. In case of an emergency, you don’t need to make a request for hospital care or an early payment for medical fees.

In what currency is the payment of premiums and reimbursement of medical fees made?

You can choose to pay for your premium in USD, EUR, GBP. Amounts stay the same. Fees and benefits are refunded in the currency of your choice. Only refund limits are set in the premium payment currency (USD, EUR, or GBP).

For example, after you decide to pay your premiums in GBP and to get a refund in CHF, you consult a doctor in Spain and this service is provided in EUR. The refund will be in CHF depending on EUR/CHF exchange rate on the day of your request for a refund.

What happens if you change your country of expatriation?

If you have to change your country of expatriation, the conditions of your Opal contract remain the same.

Having said that, we kindly invite you to inform us promptly so we can update your data and your certificate.

What should I do in case of changes to my family situation?

You should send us a copy of the official document (marriage, birth, divorce or death certificate) by email or post, in the 30 days following the change in the family situation (marriage, birth, divorce or widowhood) so that this information can be added to your contract.

What is the minimum time for membership?

Any Opal contract is a 12-month contract at a minimum.


What is telephone medical counselling?

As an Opal insured person, you can contact a general practitioner by phone who will proceed with the first medical diagnosis, and will guide you on the following treatment. Medical advisers speak several languages and are available 7 days out of 7.

From a maternity perspective, what does the insurance cover?

To benefit from the maternity coverage with your Opal contract, you must have subscribed to your insurance cover 10 months before your first pregnancy-related consultation. Once this deadline has passed, Opal covers gynecologist appointments, blood tests, scans and hospital fees related to vaginal deliveries for a limited amount of 12,500 EUR/GBP/USD (check your cover). During a cesarean delivery or if other complications arise during the delivery, it is a standard hospitalization where fees are 100% covered (check your cover).

How do I avoid paying for care fees upfront in case of admission into hospital?

At the time of your subscription, you will receive a personal card containing all the information of your management center which you or your hospital can contact for any application for assistance all over the world. You just need to store your card safely, and show it when you get to the hospital.


Under what circumstances can we refer to political evacuation?

Opal provides assistance in the context of political evacuation when the host country is involved in political or military activities in a such a way that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or equivalent authority of the host country or the country of the insured person issues an evacuation notice during the 10 days before the actual evacuation. The maximum coverage in the event of evacuation is 50 000 EUR/USD/GBP (check your cover).

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