Opal is the result of many years of experience in the field of international health. It is the health insurance’s flagship product for expats, business travelers, international students and anyone who chose to discover the world safely.

With Opal, you are insured everywhere, whatever your hobbies, your health profile, your job or the sport you practice. The Opal international insurance package comes without a deductible and guarantees the handling of all your medical care with full access to hospitals, clinics, doctors and specialists of your choice, wherever you are.

Be light when you travel: everything is online, from your subscription to your profile consultation, your contract and your background.  We chose to make your life easier, and you can count on a quick and efficient service, from wherever you connect.

Beyond borders, Opal is an international health insurance product with competitive prices, accessible to everyone, available throughout your life and your travels.


Simplicity, modernity, closeness and serenity


A full range of products with direct access to our permanently accessible team and online management platform. It’s a reflection of our desire to make the international health insurance and travel world simpler and easier to our policyholders. Our role is making your life easier and allowing you to count on a quick and efficient service wherever you are on the planet.


Always close to you, our Opal advisers have been expats once in their life, so they can easily understand the challenges that might involve you and your family. Your Opal team will support you and provide advice and help at all times. Thanks to a high-quality customised relationship, we are always at your service and work to anticipate your needs.


At Opal, the serenity of our policyholders is an essential value. By responding to your expectations and offering an optimal health and travel coverage, we establish a trust-based relationship. This is the key to your peace of mind. We are most efficient when there’s a feeling of serenity.


Phone app, online access…Subscribing, consulting your profile, accessing your contract and history: everything is accessible from your smartphone or your computer. We are also on social media to provide our policyholders with a place to meet and exchange views.

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