Opal is an international health insurance product created in partnership with one of the world’s insurance leaders with more than 90 million clients over 170 countries and jurisdictions. With over 130 years of experience, Opal is connected to more than 900’000 medical providers.

In addition to our extensive knowledge in health insurance, Opal aims to be more innovative and offers its policyholders a world’s first-innovative system for settling medical expenses thanks to its European claims manager, PassportCard. Each member receives his own Mastercard debit card which will allow the client, if they want, to pay medical expenses directly to the health provider. Therefore, there is no longer any need to advance medical expenses or manage reimbursement requests.

All around the world, Opal and its medical network provide 24/7 assistance to individual clients and their families as well as companies, whatever their health needs.


Full guarantees and no deductible
at a competitive price

A dedicated hotline and multilingual medical experts
available 24/7

An application and/or an online platform
dedicated to reimbursement management

No out-of-pocket payments
for doctor or pharmacy


Thanks to our service provider PassportCard and its card innovative payment system, payment for medical treatments is made onsite in real time. By paying with the unique PassportCard there are no out-of-pocket payments. No paperwork or long claims processing, and no upsetting surprises.
Please note the use of the card is not applicable in the US.

Contact PassportCard 24/7 via the app or by phone before your medical appointment (max 24h) to load the Mastercard (takes 15 seconds).

PassportCard will load in 15 minutes the card with sufficient funds to pay the outstanding medical bill.

Simply swipe the card like a normal debit card to pay the medical practice, enter the corresponding PIN code and you’re done.

In partnership with Allianz Care and PassportCard, Opal has designed a range of solutions offering variable levels of cover to suit expatriates’ needs. All Opal products offer comprehensive hospitalization coverage, not only in the country of residency, but anywhere in the world (see conditions for the USA).

PREMIUM for Opal

gives peace of mind through the most comprehensive coverage with special expat benefits

COMFORT for Opal

offers all the benefits an expat would need

COMPACT for Opal

provides a basic coverage when you really need it

These plans include the benefit of payment with the PassportCard (not in the US), according to the card’s terms of use and the terms and conditions of the policy.



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